Random Text Generator is online!

My Text Animation Tool “Random Text Generator” is online and for free download on Gumroad.

You can help me to continue achieving SPACELANDERS by making a donation when downloading the tool or buying a resource bundle that contains:
– A tutorial of 50 min to learn more in depth the use of this tool.
– 4 tutorial videos for various effects.
– Over 35 animation presets (39 in total).
– The “Texts File” ready to use that will allow you to generate the lines that you saw in the videos.

Get it: (Get the plugin for free by typing “0” in the price field or make a donation if you want. Click on “i want this”. Don’t be afraid by the “pay” button. Click on it, it will ask you for an email and after you will be able to download the plugin).

Get Random Text Generator Get the Bundle

Get the free version of Fusion to use Random Text Generator.

I hope this tool will be useful.
Give me your opinion on it and I’m curious to see what you will do with it.

Here is the tool demonstration video:

And a Quick Start Video of the tool:

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