Welcome on the SPACELANDERS’ Blog!



SPACELANDERS Scifi feature film broadcast for free like a web-series during his making. It will be in a 3D semi-cartoon genre and the style of a Pixar movie (Without claiming to reach their level because I’m alone while Pixar has dozens of people but the desire to excel is present and challenge is exciting).

There will be roughly 25 episodes lasting between 2 and 5 minutes depending on the complexity of the scenes to be done. The ultimate goal is to edit all the episodes that have been broadcast into a feature film.


Plot :

A hero, forced out from his world by his sworn enemy, lands in a universe unknown to him. To return home, he will join forces with a group of fugitives with various personalities to fight the most powerful civilization of the universe.


Where SPACELANDERS comes from ?

SPACE LANDERS result of a short film project I wrote many years ago. I always kept it in mind and have revamped it recently. All these years, I devoted myself to my professional life because a pay is essential but, I told myself that the experience I could learn during this time would be very useful for this project.

Since the first draft of the script, I thought much of my story. I’ve built more developed characters and its development. After a moment, I thought why just make a short film if I have enough things to tell to make a feature film.

And SPACELANDERS is born !


How will I do it ?

I have already done commercials in full 3D. Here I’m going to apply what I learned by doing these movies but on a larger scale. To achieve SPACELANDERS, I’ll have to minimize costs and thus making it alone and find ways to automate some parts of my job.

I have the chance to be creative, versatile and touches everything.
I can draw so i can design elements of the film.
I know all the aspects of making a film in 3D and I can learn more.
I do music in an electro and cinematic style under the nickname of “Leonirix”.
I will also make the characters voices by adjusting and / or changing my tone with effects.
I know the sound design and video editing.
I have the basics needed to make this project.

Making SPACELANDERS, except of making one of my dreams, allow me to develop a working method and tools and learn a lot about making a feature film adaptable as a web series.


And this Blog ?

The goal of this blog is to make known SPACELANDERS and communicate on its progress publicly.
I will share with you a maximum of things during his progress as the project descriptions of designs and some 3D renderings that remain vague about their role in history. This is to avoid spoiling the story. My goal is to make you enjoy the most of the web series.
How can you help me making SPACELANDERS ?

As I said, SPACELANDERS is a feature film but I decided to broadcast progressively during its making in the form of episodes from 2 to 5 minutes. The goal is, also, to finance it in part through the online number of views of each episode.

But before I can broadcast an episode, I’ll have to develop the visual and technical aspects of the film and finally modelize all in 3D.
This is called the pre-production and it will take time.
Then comes the realization of all the episodes, called the production, and I think two or three months per episode.

To help me in these steps, you can support me financially on TIPEEE and PATRON, two crowdfunding sites, where you can pay money only one time or every month if you want.
You will have exclusive access, on these sites, to a news thread reserved for contributors, where I will post:
– The elements selected from the project’s progress as the different versions of the same design seen on the blog, research in line art, designs under development / modeling, accurate informations on the development of 3D tools being created, animation and test renderings, etc …
– Some Hidef images in 3D, digital painting or some selected series elements (characters, vehicles, ships, planets, etc …)
– Access to episodes 48 hours before they appear online.
– And other things depending on the progress and success of the project.

The news I will post on these sites allow you to go deeper into the creative process of the project itself than on the blog. You will have more informations but as for the blog, I will avoid spoiling the progress of the story.

If you want to support me differently, you can do it by talking about SPACELANDERS around you, on your twitter / facebook pages, blog or other. You can put links to blog posts that you like and increase the public visibility of SPACELANDERS.

Whether on the blog, TIPPEE or PATREON, give me your comments, tips, plans and technical advices and others. It will participate in the life of the blog.

Any help is valuable because it will allow SPACELANDER to moving forward.

Thank you for all you can give me. Each gesture is a step closer to the realization of this project and the launch of the first episode of SPACELANDERS.