Some Visual References for SPACELANDERS

Here are three references which inspire me a lot for the visual aspect of SPACELANDERS.

After “Recore” ( Read the post about this topic ), here are “Atlas Reactor” and “Firefall” cinematics created by Blur Studio and Dropzone cinematic by Realtime UK . These two studios really make quality cinematics.

What I like in “Atlas Reactor” is the graphic design of the characters but also of vehicles. A pretty nice cartoon style except for oversaturated colors and exaggerated facial expressions that stick well to the theme of the game but not to my project.
In “Dropzone”, it is mainly the management of light and design of the robot and especially the vessels. The music is just wonderful especially the intro of the cinematics.
As for “Firefall” is a bit of a mix of the first two; Cartoony, colorful lights without too colorful and exaggerated. Especially the look of the characters’ faces with lights from their suits that I found superb.

SPACELANDERS be halfway between something colorful and cartoony like “Atlas Reactor” and darker like “DropZone”. “Firefall” is the one that comes closest with “Recore” of what I would like as a look. The lighting style of “DropZone” will be perfect for scenes taking place in space. A dark ambience with a key light coming from a point and the rest from appliances and lights around.

Atlas Reactor :

Firefall :

And Dropzone :

And you, what do you think about them ?

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