Krita for storyboarding ?

Krita is a great free drawing software. I already drawing in photoshop but above thinking about making krita my main drawing software, it’s the animation part that interests me here.

Before making the episodes, I should do storyboards to have a good base for editing and animation.

Initially, the software that interested me is Toon Boom’s Storyboard Pro which is much more complete but with no learning release.

Krita can be a good alternative. The onion skin (which allows to see next and previous images to be able to draw the middle position) is a huge plus but the biggest problem now is the fact of not being able to put a soundtrack. What is essential to know where to put the key poses of the characters and thus control the pace of the animation.
What I should probably do is have my video editing software open more Krita to know when the picture starts at a particular replica.

The other alternative is to use photoshop to draw the poses and import them into my editing software one by one but it is more time consuming than using Krita. Maybe developers will add this feature and Krita will become a good tool for storyboarding.

Meanwhile here’s a movie that I made with Krita:


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    Thanks for the post. I recently wrote one on Best Drawing softwares for mac. Any idea if this is mac compatible?


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