Real Time 3D tool of Pixar is Open Source

At Siggraph, Pixar has introduced its real-time display tool used in production.
According to the video (below), the tool displays 52 million polygons at 60 frames / second.
The scene loading time is very short too: 3s… Impressive!
The question is what hardware needed to achieve these performances.
There is a conference video about this technology to watch here.

Real-Time Graphics in Pixar Film Production from Pixar Graphics on Vimeo.

When I will attack SPACELANDERS episodes, the animation will be the party will ask the more fluid display possible to avoid having to calculate small chunks of animation as video files to see it in real time. Especially when there is voices on which put poses and lipsync (animation of the lips).
This solution is very interesting. If this solution is fully integrated in Houdini or Blender when I will attack the animation phase of the film, it will really be a plus for me otherwise I will apply my usual workflow.

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