Substance is integrated in Houdini 15.5 !

Substance Designer is, for me, a potential software for texturing in Spacelanders. Its procedural approach is very interesting and offers a lot of possibilities.

Spacelanders is a science fiction movie populated by robots and ships. So I would need to generate the wear of time on objects. Substance provides automated masks that simulate these wear effects of dust, rust, etc …

Integrating Substance in Houdini is a real plus to speed up my texturing workflow.

Allegorithmic offers a 30 days trial version of Substance. This will limit the duration of my tests of the Substance + Houdini couple. A non-commercial version would have been more interesting to me.

There are also indies releases including a live version at $ 19.90 / month.

Allegorithmic Website:

When there will be a non-commercial version of Substance?

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