Mari is a very interesting software for the texturing of 3D elements of Spacelanders. I have at least others softwares i want to test for this application : The paint module of Blender, Substance Painter and Quixel Suite which allow to paint on 3D objects directly in Photoshop. But with a non commercial version, The foundry allows me to have a long time to test Mari.

There are some limitations in this non-commercial version :

  •  Export texture resolution size is limited to 4K and 16-bit color per channel.
  •  Export formats are limited to .psd, .png, .tga, .jpg and .jpeg.
  •  Python scripting is disabled.
  •  There is a limit of six UV texture patches per object, but unlimited channels and layers.
  •  You can work with a maximum of five objects at once.

These two last points are the most annoying for me on Spacelanders. The éléments will be for the most mecanisms (robot, space shuttle, etc…). I will quickly reach the five objects on an element. This can inpeach to get a good idea of the software’s workflow on, for example, a complete character but i worth the testing. After there’s a 30 days demo release to test all the capability of the software.

You can find this release of Mari here :